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Stressed 12-25-2009 06:53 AM

Liberty Reserve Debit Card
I have been offered one of these. Is this card widely accepted, what are the drawbacks or benefits in having such an account? How long does the 'free' last for?

Michael 12-25-2009 03:10 PM

its an expensive physical ATM card which can't be used for online transaction the name is just similar to libertyreserve and its not the same company and its not even required to verify your libertyreserve account as there is no verification required in libertyreserve
thats why libertyreserve is more popular than some of the other payment processors

mendozahoney 01-08-2010 03:32 PM

I was almost registered to have one card of this but after googling it found out there my cards benefits are good enough for my needs and I so hate additional charges to stash my wallet.

agaia 01-12-2010 11:36 PM

We are wanting to know if there are any merchant accounts that barter in silver. We work incolloidal silver and would like to set up an account.

jamessol 01-22-2010 11:05 AM

^what is the name of your silver card?

sunglasses 10-10-2010 04:39 PM

There are a ton of free or low cost debit cards. Try

jelene.james 10-22-2010 05:07 PM

This is what I've seen in a forum somewhere..


Does my Liberty Reserve? Debit Card arrive activated?
Yes. When you receive your card it is ready for use. Online activation may be required.

How many Liberty Reserve? Debit Cards can I have?
ONE card per person.

Who can apply for the card?
Anyone except residents of the following countries: Angola, Bulgaria, Ivory Coast, Cuba, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Latvia, Libya, Lithuania, Moldova, Myanmar, Nauru, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Ukraine, USSR.
We cannot perform financial transactions with you.

Do we accept resellers?
No. We do not allow anyone to resell the Liberty Reserve? Debit Card.

Do you have an affiliate program?
Not right now. We do have plans to add an affiliate program soon.

Can I view my Liberty Reserve? Debit Card transactions and available balance?
Yes. You will be able to access your card 24 hours a day online to view account history, transactions and your available balance.

Does the Liberty Reserve? Debit Card fundable debit card have my name on it?
No. There is no name, only a long number.

Where is your card fee's page?
Card fees are located HERE.

How long does it take to receive my Liberty Reserve? Debit Card?
Typically your card will ship one business day from the date ordered. Card shipping services will deliver your card typically within one week in the United States. Other countries may take longer. You also have the option to ship your debit card via Fedex? or UPS? which can speed up the delivery process. Fedex? or UPS? options deliver much faster for international orders.

How long does it take to fund my Liberty Reserve? Debit Card?
It takes a Minimum of 24 hours to turn your Liberty Reserve? into cash using the Federal Reserve. Federal Reserve business hours are Monday thru Friday. Major holidays excluded.

Can I use my Liberty Reserve? Debit Card to make online purchases?
No. The Liberty Reserve? Debit Card is strictly an ATM cash card.

1. You CANNOT order a card for any other person. The card is issued to YOU only.
2. You CANNOT falsify information submitted on the order form or your card will NOT be delivered.
3. Only YOU the actual cardholder can order a card. Your are NOT allow to order a card for other people.

Do I receive a tracking number when you ship the card?
Yes and No. The Liberty Reserve? Debit Card is emailed to you FREE via US postal mail unless otherwise specified. You also have the option to ship your debit card via Fedex? or UPS? which may include a tracking number.

Is the Liberty Reserve? Debit Card a credit card?
No. The Liberty Reserve? Debit Card is a Star? and PLUS? networked ATM cash card.

Can the Liberty Reserve? Debit Card be used to verify my Paypal account?

Is my Liberty Reserve? Debit Card attached to a bank account?

Are there maximum load limits on my card?
Yes. You can load $7,500USD Daily / 30,000 MonthlyUSD.

What is the maximum daily I can withdraw from an ATM?
Most ATM machines around the world allow you to withdraw up to $500USD worth of cash at a time, and a maximum of $3,000USD in cash every 24 hours. These rules ARE set by Liberty Reserve? Debit Card and in some cases put in place by your local goverment.

What happens if I lose my card?
Contact us immediately to protect the funds on the card. Once the funds are secured you will have to purchase a new card. When you receive your new card we can transfer the balance forward.

Will the Liberty Reserve? Debit Card work at ALL ATM's?
Yes. Our card works on all ATM cash machines where the STAR? and PLUS? networks are displayed.

Where can I locate an ATM to withdraw funds from my debit card?
USA Star? users can locate an ATM terminal HERE.
International PLUS? users can locate an ATM terminal HERE.

Do I need to send Liberty Reserve? Debit Card any copies of my ID or Utility Bills?
YES. We need one color photocopy of your Drivers License, Passport, or Goverment ID. We also need one color copy of a Utility Bill (phone, electric, credit card, rent, alarm, cell phone, pager). Any bill that you pay on a monthly basis. Current utility bill date must be within 30 days of your card order. You may upload these two scanned documents from your computer though our card order form (1MB max file size, jpg, gif, paint, pdf). Once your order has been processed your documents will be removed from our server for additional security.

Does Liberty Reserve? Debit Card report my transactions to anyone?
No. However, the card processor bank may be required at any time to supply this information to the regulatory.

Star? and PLUS? are brand registered trademarks used under license.

Ryan1302 01-11-2011 08:59 AM

it won't be too long .aha

looking for offers on &

dannyrose12 01-20-2011 06:56 AM

I was nearly showed to experience one board of this but afterwards googling it discovered out there my cards gains are good enough for my needs and I so hate extra charges to hoard my wallet.

tommymiranda11 03-08-2011 07:06 PM

I was nearly listed to person one salutation of this but after googling it pioneer out there my game benefits are redeeming enough for my needs and I so hate more charges to save my notecase.

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