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sylvially 07-09-2015 06:14 AM

has anyone tried the epay global payment?
Hi all, have you ever heard of a payment processing company called epay global payment?I'm processing payments on it and I've got a few problems with it. I used paypal as my main method before and only recently started using this API.Well, I ususally make use of eWallets in order to deposit and withdraw my profits. I have had absolutely no problems when use the computer for its operations and it works well. However, i prefer to use the app. But the question is I can't scan QR code on the website to get the app due to the problem of my smartphone. In this case, i want to download it at goole play or apple store, but i can't find it at all. Does anyone have any suggestions? Really a nice choice for payment processing because it is free!!

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