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RxNetwork 05-20-2015 01:49 PM

Divitia Global - another fly-by-night scam processor. Watch out!
We want to warn everybody from using this company! We have started processing with them in the end of Autumn 2014. Their website is divitiaglobal dot com and their main registered address is
1 Victoria Street Wellington 6011, New Zealand,Phone: +64 4889 2099. At first they seemed to be a very solid and serious company. Their responses were prompt and professional and the first settlement came in as due, so we were happy to start working with them. However then issues with payouts started and finally after 2 months of processing they have closed our account for no obvious reason, just said that their risk department have found out some violation but never provided a specific explanation as to what has exactly happened. They have completely stopped responding to our inquiries. After we told them that we have a scam-post ready to be posted if we don't get any information from their team, they finally replied that they've received a fine from Visa for our account and therefore all our money were used to pay that fine, therefore there is nothing left to be paid.
However when we requested documents proving this GBPP, they refused sending it to us by email and claimed they sent it by regular mail, though we never received anything to our address, which make us doubt they've ever sent anything.
As we were able to find out at the same time they've closed our account, they did the same to other much bigger merchants and scammed them for thousands of dollars.
Luckily we didn't process too much with them, but still this doesn't mean we are going to let them go away with our money!
We are planning to cooperate with other merchants they've ripped off and file a collective complaint into court to make sure they are punished!
If anyone has faced anything similar and have resolved the issue successfully with the help of the lawyers or other legal authorities, please share your experience and recommend anyone who can help us with this scam processor.

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