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tajul2010 01-13-2013 06:05 PM

How to withdraw money form moneybookers?
If I transfer my dollars from outsourcing website to moneybookers, then How can I withdraw dollars from moneybookers?

Can anyone tell me about this?

Buford Robbins 10-04-2013 11:46 AM

Yes! It is quite easy to withdraw dollars from your moneybookers account. For this purpose you must have bank account. You need to verify your bank account to the moneybookers site. Once verified you will be able to withdraw money from your account. Cheers!

KimMills 10-10-2013 01:38 PM

With internet frauds on the rise, moneybookers or skrill as it is known after rebranding is a great way to make payments. It is definitely more secure than normal internet based payments. It can be used both domestic and internationally. You could also opt for the prepaid master card if it fits your requirements.

govind 06-15-2014 07:09 AM

Just connect your local bank account with Moneybookers.

? for u, have you verify your address in Moneybookers, then you can transfer your Moneybookers money to the Bank account.

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