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Here are more scenarios you all haven't covered:

The buyer mismanages his money, so while waiting for his merchandise he's embarrassed to call the seller to explain. He calls his bank or cc processor. That's a Chargeback. Any time, even a 30 second call to the bank, someone calls about a problem with a transaction - that's a Chargeback. Obviously , it doesn't take much. A guy loses his job and during the merchandise's delivery he can't afford what he bought. He calls his bank. Charge-back. Someone has buyer's remorse - decides he didn't buy the right thing. Doesn't want to ask the seller for fear of getting involved with a salesman who's gonna try to talk him out of the return. He calls his bank instead. Charge-back.

Luckily cc's and banks allow a certain % of Chargebacks without penalizing the seller. Based on % of gross and/or % of transactions. The banks don't like Chargebacks because they themselves are often required to return the buyer's money to the buyer. Then they have to pursue the seller to get paid.
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