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Unhappy I need help. Seriously.
I received an email from a man who worked for an health insurance company, saying that he saw my CV and that he had a job position for me. I reply, because I was interested, so I registered in a page, and got contacted a few minutes later, a woman explained me what I had to do, it sounded weird so I asked for reviews, and they gave them to me, so in the end I gave it a chance.

My job was to receive a check, deposit it, when it was available, sent an amount to someone by a money gram, pay a fee, and stay with the rest of the money.

I did everything I was supposed to do, and enjoy my pay, but my bank called me to inform me that my check was a fake. I was scam and now I own my bank a lot of money that I can't pay. I desire to sue that website, but I need to know how. So if anyone can give me some light, I will be thankful.
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