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Elliott wave analysis of EUR/JPY for February 1, 2016

Wave summary:
A very strong rally on Friday which took place after BOJ's decision to adopt the negative interest rate, looked impulsive and if a breakout above important resistance at 132.44 is seen, then we will change our preferred count to above. This count shows that an expanded flat correction we have been tracking since late December 2013 terminated at 126.05 in mid-April 2015 and was followed by an impulsive wave (i) to 141.04 and the decline from 141.04 to 126.14 was a very deep wave (ii). A breakout above 132.44 will call for wave (iii) higher to at least 150.16. If, however resistance at 132.44 is able to protect the upside for renewed downside pressure, the very complex corrective corrective pattern could still be unfolding.

Trading recommendation: We will await the outcome of the test of the resistance-line before making the next move.

More analysis - at
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