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The best payment processing solution depends entirely on your individual business. While some may benefit from one type of processing, pricing, or equipment, others may see increased bills or equipment that is not suitable in the environment or location sales are being processed.

There are key factors that are necessary to project your processing cost on any account.

The Average Ticket Amount

The Type of and number of transactions you do monthly

The Type of business you are in and what you require

These and many other factors are compiled to create the appropriate pricing and equipment list to satisfy your processing needs. If you are currently processing, my company specializes in pairing business owners with the business solutions they need most, at discounted prices, by offering a plethora of services from many different companies, we have the flexibility to offer many different solutions to each customer need. If you would like to compare your processing to other companies, then forward me a statement from your current processor, and I'll shoot you back an example of what All Texas Solutions does for its customers free of charge.
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