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Default Beware of Credit card frauds

Due to Christmas and New Year is coming close lots of people use plastic money purchase gifts and products. But at same time fraudsters try to get your credit card information by various ways online, POS or ATM places. Fraudsters make doggy websites and collect credit card information, sometimes they do spread malwares to millions of computers and try to get keystrokes hit by the user and record it. at Pos and ATM places fraudsters use cloning devices to make cloned credit card and use it.

To avoid this circumstance always be vigilant and keep your card at same place. Avoid flashing cards instead use cash if possible. Always try card at authorized places. Never allow your cards to be away from your eyesight instead try more to keep your card with yourself.

Keep the record of your purchases and same have to be checked online or with bank routinely.

Make safe purchases for your loved ones for Christmas and New Year.

Hope this information will be helpful to you. Happy New Year
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