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Hi David - It's nice to meet you! I am very familiar with the domain industry and fraudulent purchases that come along with it as I managed one of the largest premium domain marketplaces in the domain industry for about three and a half years. I am now in a new role with BlueSnap, a global e-commerce/payment provider. I am excited to spread the word about BlueSnap's services as the product is rock solid, super flexible, and constantly evolving with the changing market. BlueSnap offers fraud detection within their platform, so you would not have to manually review charges for fraud. I would love to chat with you further about your current payment setup, as it seems you have multiple providers and some you chose not to integrate. BlueSnap has 38 different global and local payment methods, so all of those which you mentioned plus many more are at your disposal as a vendor. Could you send me a PM, or an email so we can discuss further? You are most interestd in fraud/avoidance, however I would be happy to give you information both on fraud prevention as well as how to maximize your current offering and optimize for the global market.

I look forward to hearing from you! Christina.Forker @ BlueSnap . com

Best - Christina
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