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Default payment processor works with RMB and GBP?
Hello guys, I come from Uk and I want to start selling some of my products both in Usa and China.I currently use Payza and PayPal as checkout option.However, I need a China specific checkout option that works with RMB as the currency.Can anyone recommend a good payment processor that is supported by the Interspire Cart that works well in China? It's usually best to avilable to both uk and China. I had ruled out the two giants of China---Alipay and Tenpay, Which are considered not right for me. My friend had recommended me the epay global payment from China , but it's fairly new and i haven't tried it before, has anyone used this type of payment method? Read somewhere that they allow exchanges to other e-currencies and have an affiliate program that allows customers to earn commissions? Above all, it's always free to send and receive money via . Is this true?
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