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First of all, I'm not a Paypal representative or even an advocate of Paypal. This is just my honest opinion.

Originally Posted by pmorrison2588 View Post
Now they will ask you for your credit card information.
If I'm not mistaken, Paypal will never do this. From the agreement that we tick on registration, Paypal will not ask for any information about your credit card, even the representatives when you call them. What they could get is your account name in paypal, the secret answer for your question, your name and address. Then they could reset your account if ever somebody hacked it.

The thing that I couldn't understand is how hackers would know the email that is use for Paypal?

Hackers will get the Paypal email and send a notice that the Paypal needs this information from you. I received such emails and they looked very legitimate but you should be cautious about giving out your information. This is how hackers would get your information about your credit card and Paypal account. Better ask Paypal, through their support system and not directly from your email, if they really send you a notice.
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