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Default A Important Tip For Paypal Users About Billing Agreement
Guys i was one of a target of such a mistake so thought i should try to make you guys aware of this

Well sometimes when u pay to some companies a billing agreement is made automatically and when this is created a company could automatic remove funds from your account which i think is not a very good think.. this happened to me .. in usenext when i signed up for the trial offer an automatic billing agreement was made and then 14 days later they removed 117$ from my paypal account and automatically renewed my account for a year..
I Asked for refund they refused.. i started a claim i lost so its better all you guys beware of such loop holes

How to check if a billing agreement is active

- Login into your paypal account
- Go To Profile
- Go To Pay List
- If there are existing billing agreements just cancel them.

Hope this helps you and saves your hard earned Funds
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