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Default Vpsright is dead
Today we received this e-mail.
however their prices were really affordable .

Dear customer,
You may have noticed recently that the support at VPSRight hasn't been as it was when you first signed up which is very unfortunate. Since August of this year, VPSRight took a huge hit in downtime due to a certain unfindable error, which was found when it was too late. At that point, everyone was offered a free period in hosting unfortunately, after that period had ended most of our clients didn't forgive us and left without saying anything which left us with loads of bills such as licenses for control panels and other items that require the cancellation period that we request from you. So, in our good faith, we cleared all the bills left on these licenses.
Not long after, in October, VPSRight was banned on unlawful terms from WebHostingTalk which gave us another fall back, since many of you will know, WebHostingTalk is the only active forum board for web hosters and web hostees to discuss, advertise and seek help. Since that day VPSRight has hit rock bottom and we had to start taking money from our cash reserves to keep VPSRight going as we know many of you love the service we provide. Unfortunately, those cash reserves have run out and the income coming in from clients is not enough to keep us afloat.
It really hurts us to say this but as of December 31st, 2009. VPSRight will be closing it's doors to the public and shutting down all servers in the process. All clients that have paid past that date will be offered another VPS from a company that we have made an agreement with. This VPS that is offered will be for free until the date of renewal has reached. As for anyone else that would still like to stay with our kind of customer service, these guys really are top notch and will treat you well. They have a lot more money than VPSRight ever had along with strong investment agencies backing them up and they will always be here when you need them.
We are really sad to have come to this day, however, there is no more we can do to save VPSRight.
If you have any questions at all you can contact us at
Kind Regards,

The VPSRight Team

DOB: 14-5-2009
DOD: 31-12-2009
what a sad e-mail
Funny world it is
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