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Question How to get a credit card? Why getting a credit card is so tough? Why debit card is...
How to get a credit card? Why getting a credit card is so tough? Why debit card is not accepted anywhere online?

If we should really start using a credit card, then why it is too hard to get a credit card?
Why you have to struggle too much to become eligible to get a credit card?
Why credit card providers don't want to provide a credit card to anyone so easily?
I want to share my personal painful experience about to get a credit card.

You can't believe that I am trying to get a single credit card for 1 and half year.And still I have no credit cards. It is very frustrating and painful. Where I have 6 debit card but I haven't any credit card.
Because getting a debit card is so easy. Everyone providing you a debit card. They don't want any additional documents or activities to provide a debit card.
But comparing to that getting a credit card is too much tough. You have to be eligible to get it. They ask lots of documents like IT file, Insurance policy (if any), residential proof, telephone land line documents and the list is goes on goes on goes. Not only that they want to show if you have big amount of balance in your bank account. Not only that you have to maintain a good money transaction to your bank account for at least 6 month or more. Then they will calculate your all transactions amount and get an average and they will decide you are eligible or not to get a credit card and lots of factors behind the scene. After 1 and half year I am still not eligible for that.

Shame on the system. Where in today's life eMoney is the first choice of people, at least for online money transaction. There is a very big difficulty to get a credit card.
Please tell me how can I use a credit card where I don't have a credit card ?
Use of a credit card is not the problem, getting a credit card is the initial problem.

On the other hand why all online payment, why all merchant sites, all online shopping stores like amazon, ebay and why all online money transfer service like paypal, payza don't accept debit cards where everyone have a debit card? Why they always ask for a credit cards where everyone don't have a credit cards? Why they only accept credit cards where a little amount of people have credit card?
If they don't want to give credit cards everyone then why they don't accept debit cards?

In that way they are just ignoring a big amounts of consumers. Because lot's of online customers have at least 5 to 10 debit cards but don't have a single credit card. So when a customer just decide to purchase a product or service online from Amazon, ebay or similar other sites using his/her debit cards, unfortunately they can not able to make any purchase. And they get a negative experience about online shopping. This is foolishness.They are making a big mistake. Those online shopping stores just missing a lots of sales because of not accepting debit cards on their payment methods.

I have no idea about the rest of the world. I am from India and I am talking about India. India is a vast country with over 1.2 billion people. Where the entire world has total 7 billion population, India has 1.2 billion. India is the 2nd largest populated country in the world (after China). It is a huge marketplace. If entrepreneurs, business owners and marketers are ignoring Indian market not allowing debit cards on payment, then they are just losing a lots of consumers. Because I think now a days in India over 90% people have debit cards, But only a few people like 5 to 6 % have credit cards.

This is not only my problem, but also millions of people's problem like me.
In India lots of people are not familiar with Credit Card. Lots of average people don't know what credit card actually is, even they have multiple debit cards in their pocket.

As an example I need to purchase a new website domain and a web hosting service for my online business site. But I could not able to make the payment because I don't have a credit card.
Purchasing a domain is not a big deal, it's very cheap. But I can't because of a single credit card.
I have enough money in my bank account but I am not able to spend a single dime online because I don't have a credit card.
What a rubbish, nasty and disgusting system. Why I can't make a payment from my debit card?

There are two solution:-
1. If getting a credit card is too tough, then everyone should have accept debit card payment method.
2. If they don't want to accept debit card on their payment methods, then the process of getting a credit card should be much easier.

Please think about it from my point of view.
Thank you.
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