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Default DDOS Attack on digitalpoint forums one of the biggest webmaster forums is under DDOS [denial of service] attack which is almost an unstoppable attack when it comes strongly .

some of dp admins are stupid and ban members for almost nothing and without an infraction .and some of those ppl are making their daily money from dp . and it makes them angry when they see they got banned forever and they're not able to create another account again .

So its a Good Move to keep dp forum under DDOS attack .

I don't understand what people that DDoS really get out of it. Is that entertainment for people with no lives?
They don't get anything out of it really - DDoS attacks are normally caused by pure jealousy. Simple really, someone gets jealous of DP's success and wants it to stop, this results in a DDoS attack. Actually in some cases they've allegedly caused damage to hardware, (I believe the planet once got hit by a DDoS causing several thousand pounds worth of damage).

You're right, normally they're done by 13 year old script kiddies who can't get a girlfriend so find pleasure online, sat safely behind their computer screen trolling forums where nobody can do anything to them.
of course they will get , Because Dp forum breaks some rule of humanity . and if somebody let them stay down for a while . it may be a help for those ppl who got banned and those who missed their rights on digitalpoint forums /

best wishes for you all and for dp and all other forums under DDOS attack
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