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Default Are you safe?
Is anyone really safe from credit card fraud? I feel pretty comfortable with my credit card company. I have been traveling before and they called to let me know my card was being used in NY and in Virginia on the same day. It happened because my husband was home and I was in Virginia. I felt that it was a good feature my company uses. Does your credit card have a feature like this?
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There are some stores and companies who encrypt credit card information and they don't store all the credit card info . and everytime you want to place an order you have to enter cvv code
Funny world it is
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Old 12-14-2009, 03:53 PM
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I think that anyone can be a victim of credit card fraud. I have heard of an instance of someone paying with her credit card at a restaurant. The employee ended up taking the information off of her card and using it to make online purchases. It is scarey how easy someone can get your information!
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