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Default Do I need a business account
As one person pointed out In Intel i5 750 can be had for practically nothing It competes very well with the i7 860 or i7 920 in speed, it just lacks the Hyper-threading, which to be honest very few people make full use of

In terms of 1156 Socket being a dead-end, I cant begin to say how much this upsets me to hear The reason most say this is because the 1366 socket is supposed to get a Six Core processor, but at a starting price of 500 dollars how many people will get them? And if you are not really a power user right now anyways, would you even need a Six Core CPU within the next 10 years?

As for power consumption, the i-series chips do very well, especially if you use EIST and Cstates and use Intel Turbo Boost

I have no problems with AMD and their approach to upgrading sockets is IMO a better one for the customer, but I think Intel inched ahead when they came out with the i-series and did it on two different platforms Much like the Celeron/Pentium erra The i3/i5 is for the average user but still enough power to do everyday tasks and the i7 for the power users

Good luck in your choice

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