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Default Offshore Merchant Accounts - Say Yes To High Volume Sales!
Every merchant wants to know a way to reduce their tax liability for their e-commerce business and moving the assets offshore is another concern that most high risk businesses have. Some might want to start a new business and are perhaps looking for economical advantages. High risk or low, business owners from the e-commerce industry know how important it is to have their own merchant account. Without a merchant account you will neither be able to offer credit card processing nor accept all the various kinds of payments for your services and products.
Some banks and processors will not accept your applications unless you prove that your business has been running for more than two years. Most want a security deposit and some tend to hold back on to your monthly payments for additional security purpose and possible chargebacks. High risk businesses find their accounts being shut down as soon as their business starts to grow and they start receiving high volume sales. We can't entirely blame the banks because many U.S banks are now paranoid about fraud and other money laundering risks that tend to create a lot of problems. Banks find high volume sales suspicious most of the times and that is why they close down the accounts on the first sign of any such sale.
This is the main reason why merchants now look for merchant account providers who can provide them offshore merchant accounts which will be able to process high volume sales. Once you have an offshore merchant account, you will no longer have to worry about banks and processors or about your account being shut down as soon as your business starts to grow.
With new technology the world has become a smaller place and online shopping has become the latest fad. Merchants who are able to offer online payment processing services on their websites get at least 75% of more potential customers than those who don't. An offshore merchant account places you in a favorable virtual world where you get many economical advantages.
Offshore banks and processors tend to charge merchants higher processing fees as compared to the U.S rates and there is some fierce competition. Merchants find offshore merchant accounts beneficial as the setup is quick and hassle free and you get better services. With a reliable merchant account provider, getting an offshore merchant account gives you various benefits and there is no hard and core requirements of having a two year business etc.
With an offshore merchant account you get cost effective and hassle free solutions along with various economical advantages. Merchants no longer have to select a bank from their own country. An offshore merchant account helps expand your business worldwide and low taxes are one of the most sought after advantage by the merchants. Offshore merchant accounts provide you the benefit of offshore credit card processing which will allow you to accept and process payment in multiple currencies. With offshore merchant accounts you gain an easier access to the worldwide market audience and go beyond the geographical boundaries.
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