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Default ePassPorte Review
ePassporte is mostly used for those who wants to have their fund s in virtual credit cards to use them immediately

here you go with reviews

danyvip from site point forums:

I started to use few months ago. I loaded about $300 from my credit card and spent some on the internet.

Everything was working very nice and I was pretty happy with it!

Last month I started using for bussines purposes. I had a bussines partner and also very close friend in US.

I asked him to signup with ePassporte and he wasnt very happy but agreed. He was sending me between $2,000 and $4,000 per
month. I received about money on my account. I withdrawed some money but some of them I was keeping on ePassporte account in case I need to pay for something.

On December 9th my account was suspended for unusual activity. I called them and had some
communcation problems. They were replying to my emails without reading them. It took me a week of
many mails and few calls a day to get an first reply from their account verification departament.
The only departament replying to me was Customer Support which could not help me.

The first email from account verification stated that my account was sharing information with a fraudulent account (it was a account termination notice). This was
obviously a mistake since I received money from only one ePassporte user and didnt sent to any other users. I didnt received
any other email untill now from them.

On some forums one of the employees stated that I am a scammer and part of a group of scammers.

If my friend was a fraudulent user why his account was still active? I then contacted my friend and he asked ePassporte to
refund him with the money he sent me. If I was a scammer, ePassporte should refund the guy who sent the money since it was a
fraudulent transaction. But no, they dont want to do this. They keep the money for them! This is a SCAM and ePassporte are
the scammers in here!!

Searching thru the internet (spent few nights) I found many users having same problem. Most of them had the account
terminated, and most of them had big money on their accounts. So I belive ePassporte's policy its to steal big money. I also
had $x,xxx on my account.
If it was for few hundred bucks I would probably accept the lose but now I plan to let as much people as possible to know
about this!

I have also contacted by ICQ the employee who said I am a scammer and he said he isnt allowed to comment on my problem
anymore.. Fair enough as he had offenced me and I might sue them!

Any advice its very usefull.. I really want my money back.. I bet anyone in my place would want.

Whos does regulate ePassporte? UK FSA?

I plan to build an website like about epassporte so I am collecting Horror Stories. If you have such horror
stories and you still have the emails from them (to make sure its a real horror story and you didnt make it up) please
contact me at danyvip{a.t}gmail.

Any feedback its appreciated!

ePassporte employees: Please review my problem and you will find out you were totally wrong!
Anyone please feel free to contact me!

I've just had my epassporte account suspended for "unusual activity"... which is weird because i've only made two low value transactions.
Now they're asking me to scan and email them a government issued photo ID and front+back of my regular credit card.
I'm starting to think that they're not trustworthy - what other payment sites would ask for such things?
Anyone have any comments on this?


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I have the same problems with epassporte. They are really stealing money.
I have my lawer to prepare law suit. We can work together to get this case resolved.

I have a friend who use epassporte to collect winnings from his partypoker account. He sometimes use the epassporte virtual VISA # to buy things online. Then his account was frozen for unusual activity. (all he does is collect poker winnings). He decide not to fax the ID documents to epassporte because it smells fishy. He changed to Neteller instead for his poker winnings.

A month ago some FBI agents come to the door and said he has purchased many stuff online using a stolen credit card. Turns out that epassporte has initiated chargebacks for all the transaction made thru the virtual VISA account... all without the cardholder's (my friend) authorization!

I suggest anyone who has being scammed by epassporte, report to the FBI or your local law enforcement ASAP so that they can shut down this scam ASAP!!

I just had the same problem with epassporte I loaded the account with $200 and I tried using it . Guess what it was rejected in every site that I used I thought I had problem with my address so I tried to change it and they blocked my account like I can use it . So I called them to unblock the account they asked me to send a photo id and a picture of my credit card front and back plus a statement for my credit card I guess they want to complete their scam. Their scam cost me $200. I am thinking of putting a vbboard on the internet exposing epassporte for their scam I will lead a camping against those scammer until they shut down. Watch out guys for epassporte scam do not give them your money

I am a new guy being scammed by Epassporte

I used them for months without any problem

I went to an ATM a few days ago to get about $500

The process stopped due to "technical problems with the bank issuing the card" (ATM said) ...

So I did not get any $$$

BUT, of course, those $500 are not on my Epassporte account anymore ...

Since then I'm communicating with Epassporte on this subject twice a day but NO answer from Epassporte because I want my $500 back

It really looks like they scam some people with great pleasure

Just a warning ...

If a company holds onto your money for ANY length of time, you are being scammed. Lastbutnotleast, they made interest plus deposit fees off you in the very least. This company is holding onto peoples money and will not release it until you send them enough sensitive, personal information that they can steal your identity and comprimise the integrity of your credit card(s) and personal checking account.

This is outright, deliberate blackmail. Some people think they only do this when there is suspicious activity on an account. All I did was verify my checking account, make a deposit, wait ten days for it to clear ( a TOTAL joke, btw... even this is complete BS they get the money in at most 1-2 business days, but when done like an electric check as this is, it is INSTANT.)

Then I requested the money back to the same, verified checking account because I was highly suspicious of a company that took that long ( I have used other services in the past, swiftpay, netteller, firepay.) A month later, I have no money from them and my account is placed "in a temporary fund protection mode." IE they wont give me my money until I send them front and back of a credit card ( i never used a credit card on this site,) my current bank statement, a copy of my government issued I.D. card, copy of a voided check, and most current credit card statement.

Boyyyy that sure seems odd.. i've never had such a request in all my life from a company.

They will not respond to my e-mails and when you call the long-distance number the guy tells you he can't connect you with the support department.. what a joke! Total scam, I'm talking to a lawyer about drawing up a class-action law suit. I'm also filing a dispute with my local bank.. which is what I suggest anyone do at the very least... do NOT send these scammers your personal info !!!

With Neteller's withdrawal from the U.S., Epassporte has been flooded with new account requests. This has created quite a backlog in the new account processing. Our experience is that funds deposited into Epassporte will take about three weeks to be available.

The ePassporte model is centered on creating a virtual VISA account, which will act in all respects like the standard credit card for which you?d normally apply. One added benefit is that it can be used to fund a poker account without the worry of having the charge declined by your bank.

Another benefit that some users may find useful is that after you have created your ePassporte account you can opt to have them mail you a ?physical? VISA debit card linked to your ePassporte account that you can use to make over-the-counter purchases anywhere that you can use your normal VISA card.

One aspect of ePassporte that you should be aware of is that the first time you fund you account you must do it with a credit or debit card. After you have successfully created, verified, and funded your account you are free to add a bank account to your personal profile and use it when transferring funds.
guys epassporte made the same "unusual activity" and suspended my account and it's full of money they request copy of id..etc i sent them everything and thy ignored me ever since and i have been sending them requests to either release my money or transfer them to any other account and i have been begging them more than 8 months now so I'm feeling very angry from them and I'm gonna sue them even if it costs me a million bucks they not except a bunch of theives

don't,don't,don't,don't,don't,don't,don't, use epassprte...they are absolutely the worst company i have ever dealt with on the internet...they have floated my cash for over two weeks and keep telling me they have sent me an e-mail with my password on it....and STILL, TWO WEEKS LATER, no new password....each time i call (20 plus minute hold time...twice disconnected too), they tell me i will receive an e-mail with my new password in ...ready.................24 to 48 hours...LOL. does anyone, anywhere for whatever reason have to wait 48 hours these days to get an e-mail?????? it has been 72 hours now and guess what????? ahhh y'all are so smart, NO E-MAIL WITH MY NEW PASSWORD!!.......WHAT A ********************* COMPANY. I SERIOUSLY HOPE I GET MY MONEY.....
I live in the U.S. and have NEVER had a problem with epassporte. My credit card went through instantly and I immediately funded my Full Tilt account when about 2 months ago. I also signed up my bank account and found their deposits about a week later going online with my account. Now it takes about 5-7 business days for them actually show that they have received your deposit even though it's gone from your account before then.

I know that most credit cards from the big banks don't work. My creidt union works just fine though. You have to be patient when using epassporte because it is really slow. They won't respond to an e-mail and I have NEVER gotten anything but a busy signal when I tried to call them. Unfortunately this has what it has come to.

Not everyone is going to have a great experience but to say they are crooks and they are stealing money is absurd.
the only ptoblems ive had with them is their slow process. whether depositing money or taking it out. took me about a week to cash out some winnings.

if only we had more options..
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