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Default Is This A Coldsore or A Pimple?
Ok so about a week ago i got a big red bump right on my lip where cold sores usually form. I thought it was a cold sore so i put some carmex on my lip. I think it started tingling a little bit (without the carmex on it) but i'm not sure. A few days later a whitish puss came out (kinda like when you squeeze a whitehead) and that confused me. I had no blisters at all, and now the bump is healing and getting much smaller. Its almost completely gone now and the other side of my lip is beginning to tingle just a little bit. I put carmex on that side of my lip too just in case a coldsore might form there. So was my first bump a coldsore or just a pimple? Does this tingling feeling on the other side of my lip mean that i'm getting another one of those bumps? And Do coldsores ALWAYS form blisters? Thanks A Lot
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