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Default List of reasons for chargebacks
If you are interested in knowing about chargebacks, here is a list of reasons you can get a chargeback.

Card holder requests a copy of the transaction receipt.
Card holder did not authorize the transaction.
Non-matching account number.
Transaction was processed more than once.
Transaction receipt was not imprinted.
Refund not processed.
No authorization.
Customer never received merchandise/services.
Card not used within valid expiration date.
Services not rendered.
Error in transaction amount.
Transaction receipt is incorrect, incomplete, or illegible.
Transaction processed for incorrect amount.
Product different from what was described or promised.
Counterfeit transaction.
Transaction not processed within Visa or MasterCard time frames.
Failure to obtain card-holder signature.
Signature on the card was blank.
Signature on receipt different from card.
Card-holder claims merchant changed transaction amount without permission.
Merchant knowingly participated in a fraudulent transaction.
Incorrect Transaction Date.
Card-holder claims invalid mail or telephone order transaction.
Card-holder was denied ability to return item.
Transaction was not canceled successfully.

Card-holder not satisfied with quality of product or services
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