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Default efx bracelets You needed to go study with
This suit costs more
to clean than to buy.
You want the difference?
- No, what's right.
Charge nothing.
- Sweet Jesus.
Nice if it was ready
when he's back from Rome...
before the Party Congress.
Do not look.
- Why?
You'll have children who are
half-man and half-beast.
Goodness gracious.
- Come.
Michael, Angela, look who's here.
Michael. Come here.
In a socialist government
even a cook can become president.
And me? What could I become?
The way you cook,
they'll arrest you immediately.
Why? Isn't it good?
- Of course it is. I'm joking.
When we come to power,]efx bracelets,
we'll make you pope.
You needed to go study with
communists to learn this idiocy?
I learned the great works
of the socialist ideology there.
I learned politics,
the art of meetings...
I learned how to be the vanguard
that changes all of Italy.
To improve our future...
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