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Default Controlling Chargebacks is Easy—Just Ask Us!
Chargeback Expertz is a complete chargeback mitigation and management solution. We help merchants understand the chargeback system and effectively reduce and manage chargebacks.
Even the most sophisticated retailers can feel the effects of chargeback losses from a lack of sufficient in-depth reporting on chargebacks received and their cause. This is where Chargeback Expertz’s mitigation and management technology, which is based on proven success helping hundreds of high risk merchants to combat chargebacks, can provide the perfect solution.
3 Primary Areas of Concern for Ecommerce Merchants
Online Shoplifting: Shoplifters have found a new way to steal merchandise without leaving home! By giving a fake reason to their issuing bank for filing a chargeback, an online shoplifter can receive an almost no-questions-asked, immediate refund for items purchased and kept; thus avoiding direct contact with a merchant and circumventing any standard refund requirements. For example, Mary claims she cancelled or returned a product, when in fact she received the product and intends to gain benefit from the product without paying for it by filing a chargeback.
Online shoplifting accounts for 45%-60% of all chargebacks filed by chargeback abusers. Unless a merchant fights back, the shoplifter wins and the merchant loses.
Processing Errors: When something goes awry with an eCommerce system, an error in the online purchasing process occurs. Processing errors include such things as incorrectly set up retail descriptors, customer service numbers that fail to work, accidental customer double billing and forgotten product shipments.
Chargeback Expertz understands the situations that create processing errors and works with eCommerce merchants to fix existing problems and to provide preventative solutions.
Confirmed Fraud: Fraudulent chargebacks consist of unauthorized credit card transactions, purchases made with stolen credit and debit cards, and bad affiliate traffic. Confirmed fraud makes up between 10%-25% of all chargebacks.
Chargeback Expertz assists merchants with systematic methods to keep traffic sources in check and to help prevent fraud before it happens.
Merchant Benefits
Chargeback Expertz’s mitigation and management technology system benefits merchants by providing a truly effective, accountable and long-term solution to growing an online business, balancing transaction growth and merchant identification number (MID) management. In fact, when fraud and chargeback levels are kept within acceptable thresholds, participants in the acquiring side of the payments industry or those who provide merchant support and even consumers benefit.
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