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Default TMF/Match List
I had 4 chargebacks 1 of which I won, 1 that is pending, and 2 that I lost. 2 of them I lost were stolen credit cards the one that I won was a duplicate purchase (They didn't contact me; just did a chargeback). These happened in 3 months. My total volume was about 6k in 3 months.

The one that is pending was a customer that bought product (digital) and INSTANTLY wanted a refund without even using the product. (I talked with him and we agreed that he should try the product first and then if he is still not happy I would issue a refund. 2 months later he does a chargeback without hearing from him.

I use paypal as my main processor and have had 30 disputes and 5 chargebacks in 10 years. (I do a pretty high volume of 250-300 transactions a month).

The merchant account I was using (I won't mention their name) was a secondary account that I would use for people who can't/won't use paypal. It was low volume and I only did 50 transactions. Looking back at it; I probably should have never even offered another option; but I didn't know at the time that the merchant didn't have good support and fraud prevention in place. The merchant has since cancelled my account; paypal account is still perfectly fine and I called them and they said they are very happy with my account

Anyways.... I have been reading about TMF/Match list and I am scared that I might end up on it. I contacted the secondary processor and they said they did NOT add me to the list. The TMF/Match list sounds like a death sentence.

How can I be sure that the merchant who closed my account won't at a later date put me on the list? Do I have anything to worry about?
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