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Default My 15K investment: What do you guys think? Am I Crazy or it will work?
I used to come to this site alot, but I never thought there was actually any real money in Google Adsense and SEO. So I was hanging around the money investment forums like Talkgold and MMG.

After loosing alot of money there, I realized I have to change how i'm investing my money. So I teamed with a guy and he taught me everything he knew about SEO. We build like 10 sites, and everything went well.

Six months later I saw some really good results. I was making about 10 bucks a day off these sites through Google Adsense.

So I decided to invest all the money I have in my next project.
I was going to get 5 employees to work for me, and my target was to build every month 100 sites till June.

So that will be about 600 sites.

So I bought 5 Cheap Computers about 400 bucks each with 17inch LCD's.
The rest of the money i'm going to buy domains and pay the running costs.

Here in my country everything is cheap, I rented an office for like 800 dollars.
And My five employees are taking 800 dollars. So that means they are working for 160 bucks a month each.

Now the problem is that June I will Run out of money, or at least my investment money is going to run out. I'm making about 300 dollars a month adsense from my old 10 sites.

Do you think it's possible I will be able to at least cover my costs by June.
The costs are about 2000 dollars a month.

I know alot in SEO, and i'm reading alot on these forums. And Just like how I got my 10 sites to be making 10 dollars a day, I think I can really do this.

Any thoughts? Any ideas, and any help please.

Or Just tell me i'm too crazy so I can find another way to make money this 6 months.

Because this is my last of my money, the second this 15K runs out... I'm on the streets begging
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