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Default How to solve e-gold problems?
Hi guys , I will show you how to solve some of the problems you can actually faced in e-gold.

1-The site is not opening at the first time :

-It is trick by e-gold to stop DDos hackers, you can overcome this by clicking on refresh button

2-When trying to login to their account, some users can get the following messages:

-Unable to login to account.
-Access denied
-The IP you are using to access the e-gold website ( appears on DNS blacklist(s) as being either an open proxy or otherwise exploited. You will not be permitted to access e-gold services from this IP while the DNS blacklist record(s) remain active.
-Your first order of business should be to make sure that you are computing securely. -Please read and implement e-gold's Security Recommendations.
After you have resolved any security issues, you are then ready to take steps to get your IP removed from DNS blacklist(s). Please visit the following websites to begin that process.
au.sorbs. net/
spamhaus. org/
ahbl. org/

-This means you have tried to cheat or used a proxy someday to enter illegal area in the web and by the way they blacklisted(this is new system to protect the e-gold site from hackers and cheaters)

To overcome this:
-For the moment: by changing the area your in and accessing from computer of your area
-For the future: Send a support ticket to the 3 websites i listed above and ask them to remove you from their black list and wait for 1 or 2 days. You will find that you will be able to access your account again after some times.

3-After they removed you from blacklist,and you have continued to use your account again, you will see that they will blacklist you again.
-Here this mean that you have used proxies more than once for logging to your e-gold account. Repeat the above step to solve this problem.

4-You are not in the blacklist and have tried to access your e-gold account again but you were asked to enter a pin. Don't panic, go to your email account, copy and paste the pin to the e-gold website.

5- You will find your account blocked someday,
-Send ticket to the e-gold and ask them the reason why they did so and they will reply you in some days and tell you what actually happened. The main reason as to why e-gold accounts are blocked is because the users have not provided enough information about them in their e-gold account profile or have used incorrect information when registering with them.

Well thanks for reading my post guys, if you had such experiences with e-gold please do share them with me here.
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